Brand naming and advertising

Brand naming for Buildstore.

See ads from the campaign.

See ads from the campaign.

I gave Buildstore a name and advertising for a brand new home show.

The National Self-Build and Renovation Centre wanted to hold an enormous five-day show focusing on eco-friendly building. So they needed a name for the show, and some ads to promote it. I wrote several options for them, and they narrowed the list down to their favourite - The Big Green Home Show.

What does an eco-home show sound like?

After the brand name was established, I developed a tone of voice that made it easy to deliver simple, factual information in short bites of copy. Then I wrote some press ads to focus on the specific benefits of the kind of products being displayed at the show, such as organic paint and natural insulation. The ads appealed to people who weren't experts, but wanted to learn about building their own eco-friendly home.


That first Big Green Home Show had thousands of visitors, and the event was so successful it still takes place every year.

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