Brand naming services

Brand naming services.

Your business name is the first thing people judge you on. So you need to tread that fine line between differentiating yourself, communicating something about you and what you do, and not unwittingly coming up with something that means 'goat herder' in another language. Tricky. 

Brand naming isn't easy. 

But it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg either. All those stories of hundreds of thousands being spent on brand names are insane. That's just too much chargeable time wasted on too many meetings. 

No porkies.

'Fluffy pink joy' might be a great name for a Japanese marshmallow brand. Not so great for a sausage factory in deepest Yorkshire though. So be honest about who your business is (and who you're talking to), before deciding on a name - it'll mean a more effective one.

Need a name?

I can give you an interesting, appealing brand name for your business, as well as telling you all the legal pitfalls to watch out for too. And I guarantee a name that won’t attract lots of calls from Finland because it turns out to be Finnish for ‘goat herder’. Well, not unless you are a Finnish goat herder.