Copywriting for shopper marketing

Writing for shopper marketing.

Have a closer look (opens PDF)

Have a closer look (opens PDF)

When Scotland’s number one dark rum needed to compete with the trendy newcomers, O.V.D. needed a stronger voice.

O.V.D. doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s a classic, dark rum, popular with the more mature, male drinker. So when it needed to compete with upstart contenders for its position as Scotland’s number one dark rum, I didn’t give it any airs and graces.

Words and ideas for point-of-sale.

When it came to in-bar POS materials, the manufacturer had mentioned t-shirts and baseball caps. But when I spoke to O.V.D. fans, they weren’t interested in t-shirts and baseball caps (not many older men are). So instead, I suggested harmonicas, DVDs of the ‘Still Game’ TV series, and even scratchcards offering the chance to win pies from Greggs.

The results.

The campaign caused the desired response – an uplift in sales and a new perception of a classic, old brand. And there were queues of rum-soaked old fellas outside Greggs. Sorry Greggs.