Recruitment copywriting

Recruitment copywriting for Apex Technology, USA.

Read the ads for yourself.

Read the ads for yourself.

Apex Technology, an IT consulting and support company in California, asked me to write some recruitment ads

They need to attract the top experts in a very competitive market. So they needed something to grab people's attention.


Looking at the competition.

Their competitors' ads were very dry and formal; nothing about them encouraged the reader to work for those companies above all others. So I spent some time getting to know Apex, looking at what made them different. 

Standing out from the crowd.

All their competitors stayed away from the use of humour, concentrating on a very formal tone. This untapped area was ideal to convey the benefits of working at Apex in a human way (after all, they wanted to recruit humans), so I persuaded them to use humour in their tone of voice. The resulting ads were different enough to set the company apart, and for the right reasons. It's differentiation while remaining honest, as humour reflected Apex's friendly, enthusiastic culture.

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