Retail copywriting for Muller Wiseman two audiences one leaflet

Retail leaflet writing.

See the leaflet (PDF).

See the leaflet (PDF).

Here's how I used a small amount of language to combine two brands and speak to two audiences.

Temporarily branding their snack-sized milk cartons with Disney's Incredibles characters, Robert Wiseman Dairies needed an in-store flyer to promote them.

Writing for your audience.

The trick here was to use language that could talk to kids and their parents at the same time. So for parents, I write nutritional messages and reassurance that the product is natural. For kids, I used a tone of voice that told them how milk could make them big and strong, with Disney's Incredibles characters as a backdrop. 

It's all about writing for your audience. So if you're interested in using brand language that gets results, get in touch.