Direct mail copywriting

Direct mail copywriting for NHS Health Scotland.

Read the mailer for yourself.

Read the mailer for yourself.

Using stronger writing to help the NHS budget go further.

Direct mail is often seen as digital's poor cousin. But it's still a great way of making a small communications budget work hard. 

Less is more.

NHS Health Scotland needed to make small to medium businesses across Scotland aware of their free help with fire safety and its importance. They wanted something people couldn't easily ignore, so they needed something hard-hitting. And it had to be cost-efficient - hence old-school direct mail. Cheap, but effective when it's got a simple, solid idea behind it.


42,000 of the mailers went out, and not only did the response rate beat the NHS’s target, it exceeded the standard UK response rate for direct mail too. All through simplifying the language to make a clearer point. Who says direct mail is dead?