Brand campaign ideas and copywriting for Glenfiddich.

Sales copywriting for Glenfiddich campaign.jpg

I wrote this sales campaign for one of the world's best-known whiskies.

Known all over the world for their fine whisky, Glenfiddich needed an idea and words for a brand campaign to promote their single malt, with its existing strapline of 'Inspiring great conversation since 1887'.

Writing around an idea.

With that strapline, the campaign needed to concentrate heavily on the language used. So I wrote using the idea of a free conversation with every glass - this even became a headline in itself. It was used on posters, coasters, banners and several other PoS materials.

Getting people talking.

The client also wanted a book about their whiskies, but I was a bit concerned this would silence people, rather than get them talking. So I wrote a little booklet called 'The Conversation Piece'. It's actually a mini-script, to be used by two people, and it features some of the smartest and wittiest comebacks in history. Glenfiddich liked it so much, they ordered a reprint. If you'd like to see it, give me a call and I'll show you one in person.