Typographic image saying keep it simple, with reference to business copywriting.

Simplifying your brand's writing.

KISS - brilliant song by Prince. Also an acronym for 'keep it simple stupid', developed by the US Navy in 1960 to influence their approach to design. And it applies to brand copywriting too. 

Write it as you'd say it.

Don't be afraid that simplifying your copy means 'dumbing down'; it's just a case of using clearer language. For instance, do you use a hydrodecontamination unit with a view to reaching key sanitary goals every morning? Or do you have a shower? Life’s hard enough – people don’t want you to complicate it further by discombobulating them (yes, just like that).

Your readers are more likely to act on what you're saying if they understand it. 

Don't use jargon.

Remember, your writing is for the reader, not you. Will they understand all the technical language, corporate speak or industry terminology you use? Or is there a more straightforward way of saying what you need to say?

Length matters.

Stop giggling at the back. Length plays a big part in keeping your writing simple. If it's too long, people will get bored - especially online. So if one line works, don't use four.

Don't be afraid to ask.

If you have all the facts written down, yet your writing is missing the clarity it needs to be effective, simplifying could be the answer. And this applies to web copy, letters, emails or any written material that isn't working hard. So if your brand's language is getting a bit complicated, just call me and I can clean it up for you.