Learn how to use your brand's voice

Brand language training.

If you want to write content in-house as part of your ongoing content strategy, your teams will need to write consistently using your brand's tone of voice. I can help.

It's all about writing with confidence.

Full disclosure here - I can't teach you to be a copywriter. What I can do is conquer your fear of a blank page and give you the confidence to write using your brand's tone of voice.

What a training session is like.

What I do is a bit more laid back, and dare I say it, even enjoyable. I call a spade a spade - no marketing gobbledygook.

I base your training on what your business needs, and the problems you face with writing. So your session will be custom-made with writing exercises, opportunities to ask questions, and explanations of the different aspects that make a written brand work.

Style guides and ongoing help.

Don't fancy a face-to-face training session? Or need a reference guide when I'm gone? No problem - I can give you a tailored writing style guide for your business, so you have a helpful resource if you get stuck. And obviously you can always get in touch with me too.

Can I just pack in my job and write a novel then? 

Okay I can't necessarily help you win The Man Booker Prize, but I can give you writer training and style guides to help you and your colleagues write in your brand's tone of voice on a daily basis. 

And if I do give you the inspiration to write the next Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey, I expect an invitation to the launch party.