Typographic image saying optimisation is pointless if sites are not even worth reading.

SEO copywriting is about writing for people,
not machines.

A search engine wouldn't appreciate the haiku at the top there, but a human reader might. And if you want better site rankings - and a better experience for your visitors - your website copy should be written for people first and search engines second. 

Higher site ranking is about better content.

There's no point in a high-ranking site if visitors don't read your copy. And that's what search engine optimisation is really about. Yes, you need to have the right backlinks and a strong content strategy. But at the heart of it all, you need writing that your audience wants to read.

Use your voice.

Any consideration of SEO should take your brand's tone of voice into account. If a page is well written, and speaks to people with some personality, it holds the reader's interest. Then search engines recognise the popularity of a page, and think 'Hello, this must be good, lots of people keep visiting it.'

So, search engine optimisation is about your content more than anything else. Yes, I make it sound so simple. But that's why it's a good idea to hire a web copywriter.