edinburgh copywriter

I'm a copywriter, and I'm here in Edinburgh.

If you want a skilled copywriter with agency experience and a track record of success, you don't need to go south of the border. I'm a freelance copywriter (and content writer), and I'm in Edinburgh.

I've got a lot of copywriting experience.

Scarily, my experience as a copywriter runs into decades (a couple of them), with a background in some of Scotland's most successful advertising and marketing agencies.

There are no mystery managers or account people here, just a copywriter. I specialise in web content and copywriting that feels more natural, making it more appealing to your audience.

I write content for websites, and offline stuff too.

Blog posts, website copy, white papers, press and posters, TV and animation scripts, packaging copy - I write it all. My clients include small startups, government departments and household names, and I work with digital and design agencies in Edinburgh and all over the UK.

So just tell me what you need.

If your brand needs a good writing service, contact your friendly local copywriter (although this is the Internet, so everywhere is local):

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