Yep, a copywriter in Scotland.

Admittedly, freelance copywriters don't roam Scotland's moors and glens like wild, syllable-wielding haggis. But this isn't some kind of copywriting desert. I'm a freelance copywriter (and content writer), and I'm here in Scotland. Hello.

I've been writing content since it was called copy.

With decades of experience in some of Scotland's most successful advertising agencies, I can help with everything from copywriting for campaigns or words for packaging to web content.

I'm here in Scotland.

Thing is, this is the Internet. So our geographic locations really don't matter. If you're in Scotland then yes, we can meet for a scone (or something a little more warming after hours. I'm a fan of Lagavulin, seeing as you're asking). But if not, there's always email, phone, video calling or if you're a fan of excess CO2, modern transportation.

I'm rather good.

But then, I would say that wouldn't I? Well, the words I've written have brought clients hundreds of thousands of responses, and millions of pounds in profit. For example, a mailer I wrote generated a deal worth £75 million, so my running total to date must be pretty tidy.

Unfortunately I'm not on a percentage.

So, get in touch.

I've put the easiest form you could ask for below. It took about 29.4 seconds to complete in tests. 36 if you use the word 'cranachan', but please don't - I hate that stuff.

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What should I call you?