writing with personality is important for brands

Why writing with personality is important for brands.

Believe it or not, every brand has a personality. Hidden behind all that management speak beats the heart of a personality your audience could relate to. 

Brand personality encourages trust.

Applying personality to writing conveys human qualities, which help people relate to your brand. Then, whether you're trying to sell, persuade or inform, your audience is more likely to act on what you're saying. They may even stop throwing eggs and rotten fruit.

Personality helps avoid cliched language.

You know the scenario; you're in a long meeting, and everybody finally agrees that your brand is best described as 'professional' and 'reliable'. The problem is, that should go without saying (if people doubt either quality, you have problems to address). By considering more human characteristics, you'll begin to see your brand's personality.

Personality helps you understand your brand.

Looking at your brand's personality will always be helpful, because it'll help you shape everything you communicate to the world - from copywriting to logos, colour choices and even the way you answer the phone. It's just a case of taking the time to do it (or hiring someone* to do it for you).

* Yes at the back, that would be me. Try to keep up.