Reasons to use a remote writer

The advantages of working remotely.

If you're looking for a local writer, have a think about this.

Remote working saves you time.

Finding a local writer then arranging meetings gobbles up a lot of potentially productive time. A remote copywriter could be spending all that wasted time working on your brief. Then you can use the time saved to do something more constructive. Heck, you could even go home on time that day, imagine that.

You get a fresh perspective.

Sometimes, there may be politics associated with a particular account, client or project. By working remotely and being outside your local industry, your copywriter stays immune to all that. So the work they produce for you won't be affected by all that bad karma, and a fresh pair of eyes may result in a new approach.

It's greener.

Yes, I'm playing the green card. But think about it - you cycle to work (maybe), you recycle your office's wasted paper (probably). So why not give the environment an extra hand by working remotely too? No CO2 burned up by car fumes, and no paper wasted on printing umpteen copies of the brief for everyone in a meeting. You might even help to meet your business's eco-targets (make a note of that for your annual review).

"Ah, but face-to-face is best"

Come on, that's what people said about shopping online. The ease of exchanging documents means copywriting lends itself more than any other discipline to remote work (especially with web content such as blogs, white papers or video scripts). And if you really must have a face-to-face, you've got the likes of Facetime, Google Hangouts and Skype. 

I've got some great relationships with clients on the other side of the country. So if you're trying to find a writer locally, try going remote instead. You may be pleasantly surprised...

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